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Elantris Leatherbound Update

We’ve had quite the time getting the Elantris leatherbound in stock! It was supposed to be here a week and a half ago—but the shipping company lost the crates. (Yes, lost them.)

As of this morning, they’ve been found, and we’ve been promised that they’re going to arrive tomorrow. We’ll be doing a real “official launch” blog post about these books, with pictures, on Monday next week. So if you’re on the fence, then please wait until then. This is a high price item at $100, and I don’t want anyone ordering without feeling sure it’s what they want.

We have to act a little quickly, however, as our Christmas deadline for people overseas to order personalized books was yesterday. We don’t want you to miss out, so just for the leatherbound and just for overseas customers, we’re going to extend that deadline.

We’re putting the Elantris leatherbound up on the store right now—but we intend this to be for people overseas. This post is mostly intended to give a heads up to international customers (because their deadline is soon approaching), but orders are open to anyone who wants one. If you live in the States, there is a list at the end of this post saying which stores are going to be carrying the books in stock. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby, you can go look the books over in person! And I always prefer that you support your local booksellers.

Anyway, details for those overseas: If you order a leatherbound edition to be shipped outside of the US or Canada, and you put in an order by 11:59 MST (Mountain Standard Time) Thursday night, I will still personalize your copy. As long as you order by 11:59 MST Monday night without a personalization, it should arrive by Christmas. (Though, as our experience lately proves, we can’t guarantee that it won’t get lost or something.)

You are welcome to order after that, and even ask for a personalization. It’s just much less likely to get to you by Christmas. (If, for some reason, your book doesn’t look like it will arrive in time, drop me an email and I’ll write up an apology for the person, along with a thank-you, that you can print off and box up instead.)

Numbering Info:
I will be numbering all the copies of this edition ordered before New Year’s Day. After that, the copies will just be signed. I’ll be randomizing the numbers, which is the only fair way to do it (I feel) since I’m forcing the US/Canadian customers to wait in line behind those overseas. So your chance of getting a low number doesn’t go up if you order fast. (With one exception. See below.)

For those of you in the States, I have a special treat. A number of stores have agreed to carry this book in stock, and we’re going to be sending them copies ASAP. (Hopefully they’ll be in the stores by Monday.) If you live local to one of these stores, I would ask you to consider supporting them, rather than ordering from me. These are stores who have long supported me as a writer, and I want to make sure they have a good experience with the leatherbound.

So, I’ll be sending numbers 1–50 to bookstores on the list, in a randomized order. If getting a low number is very important to you, then make sure to look at these stores first:
University Book Store, Seattle (Contact Duane Wilkins for details)
Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego
Borderlands Books, San Francisco
Powell’s Books, Portland area
Murder by the Book, Houston
BYU Store, Provo

Thanks! Hope this all makes sense. Sorry it’s a little crazy.

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