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Skyward second draft
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Oathbringer (Stormlight 3) release
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Legion 3 second draft
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Secret Project
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A quick update on my writing projects

Hey, all! Just a quick update here on how things are going. First and foremost, I’ve worked through the rough draft and the first polish of Skyward. I love the book, and it is off to my publisher; I’m hoping for feedback soon.

That done, I finally had time to polish up and revise Legion 3, which I’d written last fall. That also is now off with my (other) publisher, being edited.

Those two items were the most important, since they’re both coming out this year. The third Legion story is being published as part of a collection of all three novellas about the character, forming a complete narrative. It should be out August/September or somewhere around then. Skyward is being published by Random House this November sometimes. Expect an official announcement with the cover art to come from the publisher in the next few weeks.

I have the last quarter of this year earmarked to write the final Mistborn (Wax and Wayne) novel, which leaves me around six or seven months to play with, and I’m hoping to finish another book in the Skyward series. However, before I dive into that, there’s a certain novella I need to write. We’re listing that as “Secret Project” and it’s not anything you’re probably guessing. I’ll reveal it when the time is right, but for now, it’s not cosmere, and is not something I’ve talked about before.



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New Writing Excuses Episode + Updates

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