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WoT Read Through Notes: Introduction

I’m going to start posting my impressions of the Wheel of Time books as I read through them again. This will just be me blogging my reactions as a reader and my thoughts as I approach the humbling task of finishing the Wheel of Time Book Twelve. As a reminder, I’ve read these books before, but it has now been some six or seven years since I’ve read through the entire series from the beginning. It used to be my habit to read through them all when a new one came out, but life got too busy and the series too long for me to do that with the later books.

There won’t be any spoilers of Book Twelve in these, though there will be spoilers to the book I’m currently reading. So, if you’re not familiar with the Wheel of Time but are planning to read the books, you might want to skip these posts.

Doing this makes me just a little wary. I like connecting with readers and offering posts like this to give you an insight into an author’s mind and into the process. I feel that you, as the fans, have a great deal of ownership and stake in this project, as it is because of you that the Wheel of Time was so successful.

However, I don’t want my posts to serve as a catalyst to panic regarding my handling of Book Twelve. For instance, if I write that certain character is kind of bugging me in a scene, I worry that people will think that I’m making a criticism of Mr. Jordan’s writing or that I’m criticizing that character in specific. I’m not doing either. I think Mr. Jordan’s writing is fantastic—even as I read through again, I’m struck by how well he was able to weave so many different ideas together. I really do have a sincere affection for all of these characters—I’ve grown up with them, as many of you have, and they feel like siblings to me. Just as a sibling can be annoying, I feel that a character can be annoying. It doesn’t mean I intend to cut them from Book Twelve or give them any less screen time.

I thought, then, that I would make this post as an introduction. None of my posts over the next few months are intended to give any foreshadowing of book twelve. Please don’t panic if I seem to be interpreting a character’s motivations differently from how you view them. The materials Mr. Jordan left are quite extensive, and the final book’s plot and characterizations were set by him. My goal with that book will be to as invisible as possible, and certainly don’t intend to insert any of my own themes, agendas, or philosophies into it.

I will collect these blog posts in a list, and you’ll be able to find them on the A MEMORY OF LIGHT section of my website, once we add it.

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