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Signed books in Orem and Sugarhouse (Salt Lake City)

If you’ve been following my website or social media you will already know that I had two signings this past week. One at the Sugarhouse (Salt Lake City) Barnes & Noble and another last night at the Orem Barnes & Noble–they even had a little Oathbringer Christmas tree which was fun to see. I was able to leave quite a few signed books at both locations so if you’re looking for a last minute gift you should be able to find some signed goodies there. I’m afraid it’s probably too late to ship in time for Christmas but you can always blame a highstorm for the delay.

Here is a small sampling of some of the excellent cosplay and fanart–even an Oathbringer Christmas tree–from these two signings.

Oathbringer and Edgedancer trees

Toothless of Shinovar by Sarah Wessman

Mistborn and Kaladin – Orem B&N

Mistborn – Orem B&N

Spook – Sugarhouse B&N

Shallan – Sugarhouse B&N

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