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Call to Adventure: Stormlight

As GenCon 2018 is in full swing, I’m reminded of how much I enjoy attending it. I couldn’t make it this year, but I do have a big announcement for fans of gaming.

Next year, you’ll be able to play a Stormlight Archive card game.

In Fall 2019, Brotherwise Games will release Call to Adventure: Stormlight. In this “hero-crafting” game, you’ll set a character on the path to becoming a Knight Radiant. Players compete to acquire traits, gain allies, face challenges, and build the character that best fulfills their destiny. In Call to Adventure, enduring enslavement or taking on a ward can be as important to your final score as defeating an enemy Shardbearer. Victory is point-based, but the game encourages storytelling along the way.

This game will use the Call to Adventure game system, which is currently wrapping up a successful Kickstarter. The team here at Dragonsteel have had a chance to play and really enjoyed it. It’s a fun game with unique mechanics and beautiful art. The Call to Adventure base game is inspired by classic fantasy tropes, but the Stormlight version will feature all-new cards that bring Roshar to life.

We’ve found that Brotherwise makes excellent games, from Unearth to Boss Monster 2 (where they actually made me into one of the characters in the game. We here at Dragonsteel are excited that the Stormlight Archive will be part of their latest game.

Brotherwise will announce more details soon, but until then, here’s a preview image by artist Adam J. Marin.

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