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A Memory of Light


In September of 2007, Robert Jordan—master of the epic fantasy genre—passed away. Like many long-time fans of the Wheel of Time books, Brandon had been eagerly awaiting the final installment of the series. When he heard of Mr. Jordan’s passing, Brandon wrote this blog post, talking about what Mr. Jordan’s writing had meant to him.

A month or so later, Brandon was surprised to receive a call from Harriet, Robert Jordan’s wife and editor. He did not know who brought him to her attention (he later learned that it was Rigney family friend Elise Mattheson), but Harriet was curious to know if he’d be interested in writing the final book of the Wheel of Time series.

Brandon was astounded and humbled by the possibility. He’d been reading the Wheel of Time books since the release of EYE OF THE WORLD nearly twenty years before. To make a long story short, he agreed eagerly, and was commissioned to take Mr. Jordan’s notes, materials, outline, and written sections from Book Twelve, organize them, then fill in the many holes to make a complete novel.

As Brandon worked on writing the book, it eventually became clear that there was too much material to satisfyingly squeeze into just one volume, and everyone involved decided it would have to be split into three books. For more on this decision, please read Brandon’s explanation. The first of the three volumes, The Gathering Storm, was released October 27, 2009, with the final two volumes following in 2010 and 2013.

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