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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Seven

This annotation is almost all spoilers, I’m afraid.

Llarimar Reveals That the Face Lightsong Sees Isn’t His Wife

I’m not sure what readers’ reactions to this will be. No, she’s not his wife—or even his lover.

In a way, this probably makes it okay for him to harbor his love for Blushweaver like he does, though I suspect that some readers are a little disappointed to find that he isn’t imagining the face of his wife.

Lightsong Sees the Lifeless and Takes Command of Them

They keep them in the dark. This is a bad idea. They don’t realize it, but the Lifeless are far more aware than everyone assumes. Clod in this book is a foreshadowing of that, and there won’t be much more about it in the rest of the novel. It’s one of the focus points for the sequel, if I ever write it. (Which will actually have a Lifeless as a viewpoint character, if I can find a way to swing it.)

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