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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Eleven

Siri Visits the God King’s Chamber Again

To be honest, in a perfect world, I’d probably slow this down just a tad. I’d insert another chapter from Siri’s viewpoint with her going to the chambers, the God King watching her, and her being subservient. I wouldn’t do this chapter, where she explodes at him, until their third scene together.

But that would only happen in a book where I don’t have quite so much going on with other viewpoints. My books are already a tad on the long side, as far as the booksellers are concerned. They’d like it if epic fantasy novels shrank down to about 120,000 words (instead of my average of 240,000).

If I’d really thought it mattered, I’d have put the extra scene in. The real problem is that since Siri is only one of four major viewpoints, I needed to be careful. If this book were only about her, I could have filled her chapters with more political intrigue and added a lot of subplots. That would have made a slower pacing with the God King work. However, I decided not to go that direction with the book, so I needed instead to make sure the pacing was quicker on the main plot she’s involved in.

Origin of Bluefingers as a Character

Bluefingers originated, like most ideas for my books, as a character unconnected to any story or world. I wanted to tell a story about a scribe in a palace who was looked down on by the nobility for his simple birth, but who became the hero of the story. I felt that a scribe would make a nice, different kind of viewpoint character.

And maybe I someday will tell a story like that, but the character evolved to be the one who entered this story. He’s much changed from those origins, as you can see, but he’s largely the same person in my mind. And I love the name Bluefingers for a scribe character.

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