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Annotation The Way of Kings Introduction

Welcome to the annotations, being written at long last.

Normally, I do annotations for a book while going over the copyedit. That all started to change in 2009 when my time got very short due to finishing the Wheel of Time novels. I also started handing the duty of “Go over the copyedit and see if they are changing anything I don’t like” to Peter.

That left no chance for the TWOK annotations. I told myself I’d need to re-read the book before starting the sequel (Wheel of Time work was going to keep me from getting to it for a few years) so I’d do the annotations then.

Well, here I am, in late summer 2012. The Wheel of Time is done and I feel an urgent need to get the sequel to TWOK written. I’m sitting down to read it in depth as I tweak my outline, so I thought I’d try writing out some annotations for you all. We’ll see if I manage to get through the entire thing.

As always, if you’re reading the novel for the first time, I will try not to spoil anything coming up in the book. If I do have comments that spoil later surprises, I’ll hide them using the spoiler function. If you’re reading an annotation for a given chapter, I will assume you’ve read that chapter and everything leading up to it.

I’m not going to edit these annotations (no time) or do any revisions whatsoever. (Peter might do a proofread, but that’s it.) So I’m going to make some mistakes, and the writing is going to be rough at places. Take this for what it is: me sitting down and having a conversation about the book, giving a behind-the-scenes look. Extra facts I throw out in the annotations can be considered canon, but understand that I’m writing quickly and might make mistakes.

Brandon Sanderson
August–November 2012

Assistant Peter’s note: Brandon only wrote annotations up through chapter 12 of the book, but there are some interesting things here that we thought you would enjoy seeing in the run-up to the release of Oathbringer on November 14, 2017.

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