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Annotation Mistborn Chapter Twenty-Four Part Two

Chapter Twenty-Four Part Two (some spoilers hidden)

I hope you feel a little bit of Vin and Ham’s same hesitance regarding Kelsier’s growing reputation, not to mention the mysticism with the Eleventh Metal. The thing is, Kell really hasn’t bothered to explain himself to them, and they can sense that he’s got other things going on beyond what he’s told them.

The Eleventh Metal is supposed to be very suspicious. We’ll have a scene where Vin confronts Kelsier about it soon. Also, we’ll get to what the tenth metal does. I promise. (Sorry that takes so long.)

The scene where Vin looks at the gate and sees the people being mistreated is another example of a scene I added in during the rewrite to reinforce how difficult life is for the skaa. Moshe wanted a few of these sprinkled thorough the book so that we don’t forget.

After that, the scene with Ham and Vin discussing pewter is nice, but not one of my favorite of the Allomantic explanation scenes. The thing is, I had to stretch to find things that Ham could tell Vin about this one. She’s really good with the physical metals–she uses them instinctively, and may even understand them better than Ham does.

I do like how Ham comes across in this scene. His personality, as the one who doesn’t fake or play games in the crew, makes him really work for me as a character.

Then, of course, everything goes wrong. It always does, doesn’t it?

|   Castellano