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Annotation Mistborn Chapter Thirty-Four Part One

The following is an author’s annotation that relates to a specific chapter of the book MISTBORN: THE FINAL EMPIRE. Note that the following is NOT the text of the actual chapter, but a companion to the chapter, revealing “behind the scenes” information. If you have not read the book up to–and including–this chapter, you risk serious spoilers! Please, if you haven’t read MISTBORN, go visit the sample chapters, or perhaps purchase the book via Amazon.

You can navigate between annotations by using the list of links on the left. The very first annotation has a more detailed explanation of what is going on. If you want to start there, go to this link. Note–thoughts in the following annotation that might spoil later chapters have been hidden. You can reveal them via the button on the left, and they will appear in red. Not all chapters have hidden text–in fact, relatively few of them do. Thanks!

Chapter Thirty-Four Part One

I realize that some people don’t like fight scenes. My hope is that these scenes in the MISTBORN books aren’t simply fights. They’re expressions of the magic system. If you have invested the effort into learning how Pushing and Pulling metals works, you should be able to get some pretty vibrant visuals out of this fight between Kelsier and the Inquisitor.

Either way, this chapter has my favorite beginning lines (not counting the bumps) of any of them. It’s a good, old-fashioned showdown between good and evil! Or, at least, between Kelsier and evil!

Honestly, though, this fight played a good hundred times in my head when I was preparing, then writing, the book. I hope it worked for you. I know it isn’t all that long, but coming up with interesting fights that don’t feel repetitive, and instead incorporate the setting elements and the majesty of Allomancy is something of a challenge. I really liked how this one turned out.

Oh, and I’m sorry to keep the secret of kandra from you. You’ll get it eventually. I realize that by being in Kelsier’s viewpoint, you should know what he does about Renoux’s true nature. Chalk it up to him not really having the time to think about such things now. Either way, most of you have probably figured it out by now.

|   Castellano