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Annotation Mistborn chapter thirty-five part one

(Sorry–didn’t proofread this one when I wrote it, I’m kind of in a hurry. So, there might be typos!

Chapter Thirty-Five Part One

If you couldn’t tell, this is one of the climactic scenes I was writing toward.

I’ll admit, I didn’t have this exact twist down when I started the book. As I worked through the novel, I quickly began to realize that Kelsier had to have some master plan–something greater than he was letting on. That’s just the way his personality is. Plus, I needed something that lent more weight to the book. Made it more than just the simple heist story that I’d originally conceived. (After all, a heist story could be told in far less than 200,000 words.)

Kelsier’s real plan wasn’t firm for me until I wrote the scenes with him in the caves, influencing the soldiers. By then, of course, over half the book was written. So, I had to begin building Kelsier’s true plan from there–and then do a rewrite to put it in from the beginning.

I had known from the beginning that Kelsier was going to die, and that he was going to gain such renown with the skaa (before his death) that the crew began to worry that he would turn into another Lord Ruler. Putting these two things together so that his growing reputation was part of his plan all along was the realization I needed to connect. Then, I could have the bang I wanted in the ending chapters, when the crew realized what Kelsier had been planning all along.

As surprises go, I think this is one of my better–but definitely not one of my best. It required keeping too much back from the reader when in Kelsier’s viewpoint, and it required to much explanation after-the-fact to make it work. There’s a much better surprise later on. Still, I’m pleased with the bang on this one–especially since I got to have such a beautiful scene with the crew standing atop the building, the mists coming alight around them, as if representing their own growing understanding of the job they’d always been part of.

Backing up a bit, Vin’s remembered conversation here is a real one. She had it with Kelsier during the scenes when she was first training with him. He promised that he’d catch her if she fell off the wall, not using Allomancy correctly. It might seem like a little scene to you, but to Vin, it was very important. It was one of the first candid conversations she had just between her and Kelsier, and it was one of the foundational turning-points in her life. (She decided that night to stay with Kelsier’s crew instead of running away with the three thousand boxings he gave her.)

That’s why it’s important enough for her to remember here. Her entire foundation for the last year’s time–Kelsier–has just been pulled away from her. Her abandonment issues are growing more and more powerful. Fortunately, something distracts her before she can sink more deeply.

|   Castellano