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Annotation Mistborn 3 Series Wrap-Up

First Trilogy

Well, that’s my first trilogy. I think I improved quite a bit as I wrote these books, and hopefully this ending will satisfy my readers. The inevitable question is going to be “Will there be more Mistborn books?” The answer is “Probably.” However, know a few things.

First off, the next series—if I do it—will not include Vin or Elend. They’re dead. That’s just the way it is. Sorry.

Sazed might make an appearance. He is God, after all. TenSoon is still around. (Sazed stuck the spikes back into him and the other kandra.) Marsh may or may not make an appearance. (I haven’t decided if he will survive or not.)

Spook, Ham, and Breeze probably won’t make an appearance, though, as I would plan to write the next series some five hundred years after the events in this trilogy. (Remember, TenSoon—as a kandra—is immortal. Marsh is also functionally immortal, as he’s both a Feruchemist and an Allomancer, and can combine the powers to reverse his aging. Assuming he has enough atium left from that batch he stole to keep it up for a while, and assuming he managed to grab some cover before the world ended.)

However, this won’t be for some time. I’ve got other projects I want to do, not the least of which is Warbreaker and (probably) its sequel. After that, I want to try a longer series, maybe a five- or six-book one. [Editor’s note: Brandon was referring to the Dragonsteel series, which he’s now put off in favor of the Stormlight Archive, book one of which, The Way of Kings, comes out on August 31, 2010.]

We shall see.

Parting Thoughts

What are my parting thoughts on this series? Well, honestly, they’re “Damn, that turned out well.”

It was my first series. I began the first book the year I sold Elantris, back before I’d met my wife. I’m writing these annotations in December of 2007, with my first child being about a month old. Mistborn has dominated my life for some four years.

I love these characters. I am thrilled with how the world turned out. And the plot . . . well, it just all worked out even better than I’d hoped. I worry about being able to top this—but then, I always worry about that.

A book is a window into the author’s soul, and there was a lot of soul-searching in these books. My thoughts and fears about leadership, religion, relationships, and the nature of truth all show up in the interactions of the characters.

These books are part of me. But now they’re part of you too. Thank you so much for reading.

Brandon Sanderson

The Mistborn Project

May 2003-December 2007

(For now.)

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