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Annotation Mistborn 3 Dedication

This one is for my brother, Jordan. He is, in a word, awesome.

I don’t know if any of you had to grow up with a domineering older sibling, but I know my brother did. I’m the eldest, and when we were growing up, I was the “good” son. I did everything right (not really, but I know it seemed that way). I was the one who got the good grades, who did what he was supposed to, was responsible—all of that. I know it was rough on Jordan. It took me until I was in my twenties to snap out of the sense of entitlement that growing up this way gave me.

Many younger siblings, I think, would have reacted bitterly to a brother like me, even going so far as to cut off contact. Yet Jordan has remained my stalwart pal. He put up with a lot when we were younger, and he didn’t give up on me. He’s fiercely loyal, a wealth of information, and a great webmaster.

Thanks, Jordo.

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