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Annotation Mistborn 3 Chapter Sixty-One

What Happened to Janarle

We finally get a brief mention of Janarle in this chapter. He is a side character who became a side side character. It’s important that he bowed to Vin at the end of the second book, but he quickly became someone I didn’t have time to deal with in this book.

His disappearance is not, in fact, due to one of Ruin’s spikes. Janarle simply bolted. The stress of running a kingdom, even a subject one, was far more than he’d anticipated. He was a soldier, not a king, and was only a minor lord before his elevation.

He’d lost Urteau—the best and most profitable city under his rule—to the rebels. He suffered through a couple of assassination attempts and dealt with koloss rampaging through his Dominance and slaughtering villages. Once the ashmounts started erupting and destroying cities, he decided it was time to just get out. He packed up a bunch of food, grabbed his family and loyal guard, and fled for the hills north of the dominance near Terris.

All were eventually captured by koloss, then turned into koloss themselves. Janarle ended up back in the Central Dominance, as a koloss, for some of the upcoming events in the book. Even as a koloss, though, he didn’t end up doing much that was important. He didn’t even reach the front lines.

Elend Decides to Attack

Elend makes a decision here—an important one. The waiting is over, and the siege has ended. He’s under the same stress as Janarle, but he’s not going to run. He’s going to fight.

It’s probably the wrong decision. But I’ve often heard that being a military leader isn’t always about making the right decision. It’s about being able to make a decision when a decision is needed.

|   Castellano