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Annotation Mistborn 2 Part One Wrap-Up

Well, reading that section of the book again, I’m now very pleased with how it turned out. It introduces what I wanted it to, keeps things moving, and sets up the conflict for the book.

It’s hard, however, to look at it objectively. It’s been through so many drafts, with so many beginning chapters, that I can’t quite see it the way that I once would haveā€”and certainly can’t see it like a reader might.

As we move into part two, things stabilize back to the original order and plot I’d planned and outlined for the book. (Though, there is another major upheaval at the ending.)

It’s strange how a book, for a writer, can bring back memories. You know how scents can trigger memories in your head? Well, sometimes chapters can do that. You work on a project like this for so much of your life that it becomes part of you.

I submitted one of the revisions to chapter one (the Vin fight on the streets) to my college class in which I met Heather, the girl I dated for much of the year last year. I was beginning to imagine the ending of Mistborn 3 when I went on vacation last summer, and was missing Emily, whom I eventually married. I was imagining Mistborn 1 as I got the phone call that eventually landed me a book deal.

This series is a big part of my life, and I will be living it for years yet. That’s kind of a comfortable, yet interesting, thing for me to imagine for some reason. I can’t even begin to understand how it must be for authors who write series longer than trilogies!

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