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Annotation Mistborn 2 Maps and Interior Art

Maps and Interior Art

Isaac has gone well beyond the call of duty here.

The art department wasn’t expecting there to be revisions to the maps, and they actually complained a little bit when it happened, thinking that they’d get charged again. Isaac, however, just wanted to make certain that the maps in the book fit with the context of the novel. So, he updated both maps, making certain that they included key points, and were revised to show new places. There are also a lot of cameos and inside jokes sprinkled through them, if you know where to look. I believe that there’s a bookstore on the city map named after my agent, and a canal shop named after my editor. There’s a mountain named for the best man at my wedding, and a lot of things like that.

I’ve already talked about how much I love the maps in this book. Isaac is amazing. He also did the chapter symbols, which are interesting in that they are based off of the symbols in the first book. If you compare, you can see that they’re the same symbols, only changed. The idea is that these symbols in this book are earlier versions of the same alphabet in the previous book, used here since this book will be partially about the characters looking into what happened in the world a thousand years back. You can imagine the epigraphs (the italicized things at the beginnings of the chapters) written in this alphabet. Modern people in the book, then, write in the version of the alphabet that is used in book one.

We had planned some pretty dramatic artwork to use in the book along with these–some large-scale symbol glyphs using the alphabet–but eventually decided not to go with them. Not only was Isaac swamped, but Tor was giving us grief about the length of the book (I’ll talk about that later.) In the end, I’m glad we went with only these–they are elegant, and I like how they work with the previous symbols.

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