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Annotation Mistborn 2 Dedication


This book is dedicated to my maternal grandmother. The last one was dedicated to my paternal grandmother.

I didn’t just do that for cohesion. I see a lot of both women in myself. Mary Beth (from book one) is free-spirited and wacky. That’s the easiest side to see in me, the fantasy write.

Phyllis, however, is a dedicated hardworker. She is, to me, a symbol of simple, uncomplaining dedication. (Well, not completely uncomplaining. Grandma is great at grumbling.)

However, if something needs to be done, she just does it. Always. She’s like 90 years old, and she’s still just plugging away, the same as always. She’s a real inspiration to me, and I think that I owe a lot of my success to the things she instilled in my mother–who instilled them in me. Getting published took a lot of hard work–those of you who’ve read a lot of my annotations know I wrote 13 books before I sold one. The sense of “just do it”ness that my grandma gave me helped quite a lot when I needed to work, write books, and learn to make it in this field.

|   Castellano