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Annotation Mistborn 2 Chapter Three

Well, there you go. That chapter (with a big chunk of two) was originally the first chapter of the book. Oddly, moving it back made the book move more quickly, for me at least. It’s strange how you can sometimes speed up a novel by ADDING material.

Speed in books, however, has little to do with how long the book actually is, and everything to do with how captivated the reader is.

There were a couple of interesting edits that I made to this chapter. First off, Elend’s proposal to the Assembly. It was a major point of revision in the book.

One of the biggest problems the novel had in the first draft was that readers weren’t getting the right idea for the theme and plot of the novel. In early drafts, Vin’s worries about the Deepness and the Lord Ruler’s final words came before Straff’s army arrived. So, readers were surprised when the middle of the novel spent so much time on politics and war. They wanted to learn more about the Well of Ascension. (Which IS important, but not as present–particularly at the beginning–as the rest of the plot.)

So, the revisions. I wanted to make the army a much more PRESENT in the narrative. Originally, Elend’s proposal to the Assembly was about something unrelated. (Disaster relief for farmers.) I wanted to show him caring for his people. However, in revision, I realized I needed to focus more. So, now that proposal deals with the army, and is a thread that continues through the next few chapters.

The second half of this chapter, where Vin and Elend are chatting, is where the book finally starts to feel ‘good’ to me. I’m mostly past the exposition reminding you of what happened in Book One, and I can get into more ‘showing’ of character rather than reminding of past events.

I could have, perhaps, done something different with these reminders. I could have told you less, and let you remember on your own. Or, I could have worked the reminders in more delicately. However, the former would have left some people confused, and the later would have taken many more pages. I eventually took the easier, and time-tested, route of reminder exposition. We’ll see if people like this or not, but it really did seem like the best way in this novel. (Interestingly, there’s a thread about this on my forums right now.)

I just really like Elend and Vin’s relationship. It’s one that really shouldn’t work, but for some reason, they just get along so well in my head. I doubt that they could explain it either–but the two fit together in a very strange, ‘opposites meet’ kind of way. They actually have a lot more chemistry, for me, than Sarene and Raoden–though those two are far better matched for each other. Maybe that’s because the frustration and confusion Elend feels seems very realistic to me. He never really does know what Vin is feeling, even though her emotions are so blunt and simple when we’re in her viewpoint.

|   Castellano