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Annotation Mistborn 2 Chapter Seven

Here’s where we start to get some of our first real hints of the dominating plotline that will overshadow these two books: The Lord Ruler is dead. What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?

As I mentioned in the previous Sazed annotation, I really like his scenes for the conflict represented in them. He is a rebel, but he feels so bad for it. It’s always nice when you can make a character feel some very real turmoil for doing the RIGHT thing.

We will go a lot more into Sazed’s character, and how he is regarded by the other Terrismen, in future chapters.

Marsh was a tricky one to write in this book. Everybody loves him, for some reason, and they were really happy I didn’t make him a bad guy at the end of book one. The more I put him into book two, the more readers tended to like him there as well.

However, I’ve got enough characters in this book that I couldn’t really focus on Marsh as much as I would have needed to, so I backed off on him. You’ll see some of him in the next few chapters, but then he fades into the background. Simple reasoning is that the book was long enough, even in the planning stages, that I knew I couldn’t tackle Marsh and what was going on with him. Not yet, at least.

Conventical is Moshe’s word, by the way. I’d originally called it the Covenant of Seran. However, not only did the Halo games decide to make good use of the word Covenant, but my editor found it somewhat inaccurate. So, he suggested Conventical–which I liked immediately. It’s a real word, though I think I spell it differently, which refers to a meeting of high level church officials. The term fits with the Steel Ministry, which doesn’t have priests, but instead has Obligators and doesn’t have a Priesthood, but instead a Ministry. Everything’s pseudo-religious, instead of being directly ‘on’ religious.

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