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Annotation Elantris Part Two Wrap-Up

Things certainly are moving along now. I told you the book would speed up as it approached the ending.

There were some very good moments in this part. I like how removing the Mad Prince from the book streamlined the pacing, and I think it pushes quite well to the final section. A lot is happening now, so I hope that it’s hard for you to get to these annotations—I want you to keep reading the book! You can always re-read it a second time, and look through the annotations then.

I worked for a while on the last line of Part Two. Originally, Hrathen thought to himself “Well, this isn’t good.” However, Moshe disagreed with that line. First, he thought it was too quippish. He wanted something more serious here. Second, he didn’t think that these events were actually bad for Hrathen. Telrii, a man who had been giving Hrathen serious troubles, and Eondel, one of his main enemies, had just killed each other. On top of that, Roial—the main rival for the throne—is dead. All in all, a lot of annoying people are dead.

Moshe had a point, though I did disagree a bit. I think Hrathen would see Telrii’s death as a wasted investment. He was still hoping to control the man, and having Telrii on the throne and amiable to Hrathen would have been a much better outcome, since it would leave Hrathen looking less powerless before Wyrn.

However, I went ahead and changed the line. It now reads “So much for avoiding a bloody revolution.” It gets across the same ruefulness as before, without being as flippant.

Also, ‘The Call of Elantris’—the name of Part Two—is probably the weakest of my three sub-titles. I liked ‘Shadow’ and ‘Spirit’ a lot, and I knew that I had to use something parallel. I named this one ‘Call’ because of the way Hrathen and Sarene both end up getting tossed into the city, then end up using that event to their advantage. Raoden also deals with the ‘call’ of the Dor inside himself during this section, overcoming that particular conflict.

Essentially, everything is resolved in this section except for the really big questions. Who will end up as king? Will Arelon get invaded? Can anything be done to save the Elantrians?

Well, you’ll just have to read on, won’t you.

|   Castellano