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Annotation Elantris Chapter 50

Chapter fifty

Joshua absolutely hates it when I use plots like this.

I don’t know why I insist on putting things like this (mistaken identities, people pretended to be someone else, that kind of plot) into my books. I think, deep down, I’ve got a weakness for old-school Shakespearean farces. Storytelling is just more fun when people can do a bit of pretending.

Anyway, I’d been wanting to show a real Dula ever since I started writing the book. Galladon is such a ‘bad’ Dula that I was very pleased when I found an opportunity to work Kaloo into the plot. You’ve been hearing, through various asides, about Dulas for most of the book. Now you actually get to meet one. Or, at least, someone pretending to be one. (Uh. . .I hope I’m not giving anything away by letting you know that Kaloo is really Raoden. It wasn’t supposed to be a surprise.)

Anyway, we’ll get an explanation from Raoden later about why he didn’t come clean immediately. If he were truthful, however, he’d have to admit something: Though he sometimes teases Sarene for being too fond of political games, he likes them just as much as she does. The opportunity for him to meet her for the third time for the first time was just too tempting to pass up.

In order for ‘Kaloo’ to appear in this chapter, he and Galladon had to do some serious moving. (Realize that this has to be the same day as the last chapter.) I imagine that they made their discovery early in the morning, and Raoden was extremely eager to get out of the city and find out what was happening. They put on new faces, snuck out of the city, and went to the Arelene market to buy some costumes. After that, they went looking for Roial–whom Raoden wanted to contact first. Instead, however, he found Sarene and company fencing in the backyard. As mentioned, Raoden couldn’t resist the opportunity to see her–and the opportunity to try out his Dula impersonation.

By the way, you might remember that I’ve mentioned Raoden’s fencing ability before. Very early in the book, I note during one of the fencing practices that Raoden had Eondel teach him to fight simply to spite Iadon. He’s actually surprisingly good–Raoden, however, is the type of person who is surprisingly good at a surprising number of things.

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