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Annotation Elantris 59-2

Chapter fifty-nine part two

Kiin gets a little over-confident here by letting the two of them go on top. However, he doesn’t know how powerful the Dakhor are. He assumes that his roof is unscalable.

In addition, he realizes how difficult a situation he is in. Dilaf has an army–Kiin’s fortress house, no matter how well fortified, can’t defend against them for long. He needs to do something, and thinks that maybe the negotiations will offer a way. So, he takes the chance.


Hrathen’s conditioning is manifesting here. We’ve always seen him as the leader of the area, but he spent many years as a lesser priest beneath other leaders. In the Derethi religion, you do what you’re told by your betters. As soon as it is established that Dilaf is in charge, Hrathen’s training would force him to become a follower.

“Failed my love. . . .”

Poor Sarene. Her weddings just never work out. Honestly, I think this might be one of the most traumatic sections of writing I’ve ever done. (Traumatic for the characters, that is. Like most writers, I’m a closet masochist, and enjoy making my characters–and my readers–squirm.) Things aren’t looking too good. Maybe they’ll get better in the next chapter.

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