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Shadows of Self (Mistborn)
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Use the following form to contact Brandon. Please realize a couple of things:

  1. If you mention the city in which you live, Brandon will add you to a worldwide database of readers. Then, if he does a signing near your city, he’ll send you an email to let you know he’ll be stopping by. He may also send the occasional email newsletter (no more than four per year) talking about book launches or the like. No spam, we promise. All email sent here goes into Brandon’s inbox and nobody sees your email address but him and his assistants. If you don’t want to get anything from him other than a personal response, feel free to say so.
  2. Make sure to DOUBLE CHECK your email address when you type it in. Brandon has had several people put down incorrect return emails here, and so his emails back to them bounced. If you never hear back from him, there’s a good chance you did this or that your inbox doesn’t like him for some reason.
  3. Brandon does try to reply to all of his reader mail. However, all time spent answering email is time he can’t be writing, so sometimes he lets himself get backlogged. It may take several months to get a reply! And sometimes, he gets too swamped to reply at all. (Note: by emailing Brandon, you give him leave to post the text of your message—without your name or email address itself—on his blog. He does this very rarely, and usually because he thought your question was interesting and that others might like to hear the response. He might rebut you, but he will not make fun of you. Promise.)