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Stormlight 3 first draft
78 %
White Sand graphic novel vol. 1 release
100 %
The Dark Talent (Alcatraz 5) release
100 %
Stormlight novella first draft
100 %

European tour starts now + Arcanum Unbounded tour next month

I’m in the process of flying to Paris, where I will have a signing on Saturday. Please see my events page for full details.

Here’s a breakdown of my European tour:

Paris – Sat Oct 22nd
Lucca, Italy – Fri Oct 28th–Tue Nov 1st
Barcelona – Thu Nov 3rd–Sat Nov 5th
Lisbon – Mon Nov 7th (details coming soon)

In addition, has announced my short tour for the release of Arcanum Unbounded. We don’t have these dates up on my events calendar yet, but for now they’re at

Provo – Tue Nov 22nd
Fort Collins – Tue Nov 29th
San Francisco – Wed Nov 30th
Seattle – Thu Dec 1st
Hoboken – Sat Dec 3rd
Chicago – Tue Dec 6th

Review of Goldenhand on Goodreads

Goldenhand Garth Nix (Note: For an explanation of my Goodreads policy, please see here.) For Writers The Short Version Rating Notes Bias Notes Anyone who hasn’t read Sabriel, the beginning of the Old Kingdom books by Garth Nix, is missing out. I consider reading it, during the years I was trying to break in, to Read the full article…

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