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Italy! Lucca Comics & Games Festival This Weekend

I’ve mentioned this a few times, and you’ve seen this if you check my upcoming events page, but today through Monday I’m at the Lucca Comics & Games Festival in Lucca, Italy. I’ll be doing a lot of panels and signings, so I hope to see many of you there! Here’s my full schedule:

Friday, October 28th

Mistborn – The Trivial
15:15–16:00, B3 – Room Ingellis
As you know the saga Mistborn? Test yourself with a series of questions that only the true fan can overcome. A judge nothing less than an exceptional guest: Brandon Sanderson himself.

16:00–18:00, Carducci pavilion
Brandon will be at the Fanucci Booth

Saturday, October 29th

Inside the Cosmoverso with Brandon Sanderson
12:30–13:15, B3 – Room Ingellis
Considered one of the best fantasy authors of the moment and at the same time one of the most promising since 2005 has published 27 books and stories: on the official website you can see the completion of his work in progress bars. Most of his novels are set in Cosmoverso.

13:15–14:45, Carducci pavilion
Brandon will be at the Fanucci Booth

17:00–18:30, Carducci pavilion
Brandon will be at the Fanucci Booth

Sunday, October 30th

11:00–12:30, Carducci pavilion
Brandon will be at the Fanucci Booth

The Plot Thickens
14:00–16:00, Room 2 – Villa Gioiosa
Brandon Sanderson explores all kinds of plot-related questions in this two-hour workshop. Workshop are limited and by reservation. For information see Educational program or write to All requests must include a short CV relating to personal experiences in the field of interest of the meeting.

Monday, October 31st

Brandon Sanderson and Steve Argyle: writing, drawing … what else?
16:00–16:45, Room 2 – Villa Gioiosa
Two great friends, two giants of art and fiction fantasy: un’inedito dialogue on the craft of writing in the drawing, in which each of the two is at interviewer and interviewee turn.

17:00–19:00, Carducci pavilion
Brandon will be at the Fanucci Booth

Tuesday, November 1st

The Fantasy Wizards
10:30–11:30, Si1 – Teatro del Giglio
Five very large fantasy authors, five different ways to create fantastic worlds, five world successes compared: all at the same table to tell us the secrets and dispel the myths of the most loved by the public of Lucca Comics & Games genre.

The Fantasy Magicians – Autograph session
11:30–1:00, Si1 – Teatro del Giglio
Terry Brooks, Philip Reeve, Brandon Sanderson, Steven Erikson and Joshua Khan.

16:30–18:00, Carducci pavilion
Brandon will be at the Fanucci Booth

Review of Goldenhand on Goodreads

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