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Writing Locations

New book’s going great–I have sixteen pages today, and I still have a few hours writing time left tonight.

It’s kind of interesting how authors determine where they work. Most often, I’ve heard it suggested that an aspiring (or blocked) writer should pick a specific place and always write there. That way, when the author sits down in that particular spot, with that particular mood, they will more easily slip into a writing frame-of-mind.

I’ve found that with myself, environment does make a bit of a difference in my writing habits. Mostly, it helps me get going. If I find the location uncomfortable for some reason, it’s harder to get going. However, I don’t know that I always have to be in the same place. Certainly, I can’t have auditory distractions–that can really stop me. If someone is talking, and I can understand them, then I won’t be able to produce any writing.

However, place doesn’t quite matter as much. In fact, I’ve found that a change of pace is usually good for me when I’m having a little more trouble, and need to move to another place. Even when I’m not blocked, writing in a new location usually doesn’t throw me–for instance, I did a good twelve pages in my cubicle up on campus today.

Anyway, if I keep this up, MBWA will easily be done on-time for my personal deadline. (February.)

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