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Writing Excuses, Steelheart tour, Steelhunt, and #NewEpics

At this year’s Out of Excuses writing retreat, the Writing Excuses crew did a microcasting episode that touches on these topics:

  • How do you find beta readers?
  • Legal and IP issues? Should you copyright your work before submitting?
  • Advice for a discovery writer?
  • As a fan, what is the best way to pay my favorite authors?
  • Can chapters be too short?
  • How much time do you spend reading?

One of my Twitter followers, Chase Wheatley, started a Steelheart #NewEpics game on Twitter on Friday and several other readers joined in. The idea is to give the name of an Epic, what their power is, and what their weakness is, with the hashtag #NewEpics. Such as this one: “Oracle: receives copy of tomorrow’s newspaper. Weakness: only receives the lifestyle section. #newepics #steelheart” These have been giving me a good chuckle and I’d love to see more—but don’t tweet them at @BrandSanderson because then only people searching the hashtag or my name will see the tweets.

The Steelheart book tour is drawing to a close. Today I’m in Seattle, and tomorrow I have an on-base event at Fort Lewis (military ID required). Wednesday I’m in San Deigo, and then I’m back home at last. Saturday I’ll drive up to West Jordan, and then the final stop is my event in New York at the 92nd Street Y with Christopher Paolini and James Dashner.

This past weekend I was in California in the Bay Area, and I signed books at a ton of stores and hid many Steelhunt codes. Since I posted about each stop on Twitter, many people have already gone to the stores to buy the books I signed, so I’m not sure how many are left—but give them a call or stop by to find out!

InquisitorFanartFirst off are the two stores where I did an event: Books Inc. in Mountain View and Barnes & Noble in El Cerrito. Thanks to everyone who came! And check out this fanart at my Mountain View signing by Dan Schreiner.

Here are the other stores I signed at, including some pictures I snapped of the stores.

BayBookCompanyBay Book Company in Half Moon Bay is a delightful store and I left eight Steelhunt codes there.

PaloAltoBooksIncAt the Palo Alto Books Inc. at Town and Country Village, I signed many books and left prizes inside. Two Steelhunt codes.

KeplersBooksKepler’s Books at Menlo Park: many signed Sanderson books, two Steelhunt codes.

BarnesNobleRedwoodBarnes & Noble in Redwood City: signed books with prizes inside. Two Steelhunt codes in Steelheart.

Barnes & Noble at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo: many signed books with prizes, and two Steelhunt codes in copies of Steelheart.

GreatGoodPlaceA Great Good Place for Books in Montclair Village in Oakland: signed Steelheart, two Steelhunt codes.

Borderlands Books in San Francisco: a great store I’ve been to many times before. I signed a ton of stock there, and they tweeted that you should call to reserve a signed copy of Steelheart.

And finally the airports. At the San Francisco Airport Hudson News by gate 41 I signed three copies of Steelheart and left Steelhunt codes in them. And last night I flew into Seattle; in the SeaTac Airport Hudson Books by gate C2 I signed The Rithmatist and Steelheart (two with Steelhunt codes) on the teen table. Signed epic fantasies are on the shelves!

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