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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Writing Excuses, Signed Books & Updates

Just a quick update before the weekend. On Monday I will have a big post for Magic: The Gathering players, so look forward to that!

The latest Writing Excuses writing advice show episode talks about worldbuilding without breaking viewpoint. We’ve also uploaded this year’s submission for the Hugo Voter Packet in the Best Related Work section, where Writing Excuses Season Eight is nominated. It features eight popular episodes from last year, and you can also see the full episode list here. For Hugo Award voters it’s in the Hugo Packet, but anyone can see the page here, and of course anyone can download the episodes for free.

Leigh Butler at has posted a “Hugo Refresher” with summaries of each book in the Wheel of Time, along with a favorite passage from each book.

Shawn Speakman’s The Signed Page website has a few signed hardcovers available of Steelheart and The Alloy of Law, left over from when I stopped by Shawn’s place in the past. (And of course, I have many signed books in my website store, along with jewelry, shirts, and other things.)

My assistant Peter has uploaded all of my Twitter posts from May.

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