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Writing Excuses Podcast CD Collection!

Writing Excuses, as a podcast, has been enormously successful. Honestly, I’ve been surprised at the reaction and response from listeners. One thing that I’ve had a lot of people ask us for is a CD which collects all of the audio files together, so that they don’t have to search through them on the website or bother downloading them.

Well, we thought this was a fantastic idea. So when the folks over at PodDisc (a premier podcasting archive disc site) contacted us, we jumped at the chance. They’ve collected all thirty-five of the first season episodes of Writing Excuses onto a single MP3 CD for the very reasonable price of $10. That’s less than $.30 per episode. If you’re an aspiring writer, if you’re just curious about the process, or if you just want to laugh and have a good time, then I highly recommend this disc to you. It contains a full NINE HOURS of three professional writers discussing the process in a quick, informative, and fun way. There are guest podcasts with editors from Tor, Wizards of the Coast, and Pyr. Not to mention a podcast with Steve Jackson (of Steve Jackson games), one with webtoonists the Foglios, and one with writer Patrick Rothfuss. (And those are only some of the guest stars.)

We decided we wanted to make this disc something special, so we included a lot of bonus material. Both bonus episodes from the podcast are on there, as well as two unheard episodes. Our first pilot that never aired and a special outtakes episode thrown together by our producer.

Beyond that, all three of us have included desktop wallpapers. (Including the Mistborn wallpaper.) I’ve got three essays on writing on the disc, two of which aren’t posted anywhere on my website. (One on outlining, the other on how I develop ideas.)

And if that weren’t enough, Dan has also consented to include the full text of his novel “THE NIGHT OF BLACKER DARKNESS.” This is still one of my personal favorite novels. You can’t get it anywhere else–he was never able to sell it because it was just too genre busting. It’s the story of a man in the 19th century who fakes his own death, which makes a bunch of vampires think that he’s one of them. (And the fact that he can go out in sunlight and stand garlic proves to them that he’s the “chosen one” of vampires destined to lead them to glory.) With cameo appearances by historical figures like John Keats and Mary Shelly, it’s an absolute blast to read and worth the $10 price of the disc itself.

So click here and pick yourself up a copy!

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