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Writing Excuses Podcast Award Nomination, Worldbuilders Charity Drive

Writing Excuses has been nominated for a Podcast Award in the Education category. We’re up against stiff competition from the likes of Radio Lab and Grammar Girl, so if you think we’d be a deserving recipient, go over there and vote. Apparently you can vote once every day, and the voting deadline is Wednesday, December 15th, at midnight.

In the most recent episode of the aforementioned award-nominated podcast, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, and I offer writing advice to our younger selves, including the following:

  • Stop playing video games.
  • What you’re doing is actually working. Keep doing it.
  • Stop waiting on your collaborator.
  • Don’t try to write to the market.
  • Try outlining all the way to the end.
  • Try new things.
  • Stop worrying.
  • You can make a living as an artist.

If that sort of advice interests you, or if you happen to be one of our younger selves, go listen to the episode. (We still play video games though. I’m currently playing Borderlands.)

The most recent annotations for WARBREAKER include a discussion of a most elusive character. That’s right, Hoid. It wasn’t until I posted this chapter in draft form that people began to notice the Hoid phenomenon. I also discuss Vivenna’s decision to learn Awakening.

One more note. Pat Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders charity drive through Heifer International is ending at noon on Friday. I’m sending him signed hardcover copies of ELANTRIS, WARBREAKER, the Mistborn Trilogy, and THE GATHERING STORM to add to the prize lottery for donators. This hasn’t been mentioned on his blog yet but should be soon. I think it’s a good cause, so consider donating.

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