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Writing Excuses episodes, Interview with Buzzy Mag & Updates

I’m behind on mentioning the episodes of the Writing Excuses writing advice show that have aired recently. Many of these episodes were recorded in front of a live audience at Westercon and FantasyCon in Salt Lake City.

It was great recording with all of these luminaries, so I hope you find the episodes useful!

My assistant Peter has updated my Twitter posts archive for September. A highlight: Right now I’m at the Writing Excuses retreat, and I signed at a few bookstores on the way. If you’re traveling, check out these stores:

  • Signed books in the Salt Lake airport with stickers inside. Simply Books by gate C6. Say hi to Tony for me.
  • Minneapolis airport! Stealth signed books at bookstores near F5, C12, and on the main concourse! Goodies inside. 🙂
  • I was in Minneapolis for an interview, & managed to slip to a Barnes & Noble in Edina (the Galleria) & signed books there. Stickers inside!
  • Atlanta airport E gates New York Times Bookstore. Signed books. (Mostly Stormlight/WoT)
  • I stopped at the Simply Books in the center of the A Gates and signed there too. (Atlanta airport.) Steelheart/Rithmatist, all with goodies inside.

If you follow me on Twitter/Facebook, you’ll see posts like that as I make them, and you’ll have a better chance of picking up signed books if you’re nearby.

I also just sent out a newsletter, for everyone on my mailing list. It includes a sneak peak of the next Stormlight Archive book. If you want to receive the newsletters, tell me your email and check the mailing list box here.

Buzzy Mag sat me down for a video interview where I talk about a lot of different subjects. They have a transcript on their site.

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