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Worldcon Panel Crew

One of the more amusing things that happened at Worldcon was to discover that on Thursday, we had virtually the same group of people on two separate panels. I think there were some 500 people on the programming at this con, and somehow myself, Fiona Avery, and Alma Alexander all ended up on two panels together in the same day. I think I even ended up on a third panel with Fiona, but I can’t quite recall. That’s common for me.

Anyway, both ladies were quite eloquent and charming, not to mention the fact that they had a lot of very good writing advice on the panels. Both also, coincidentally, have blogs where they talk about their Worldcon experiences. Find Alma’s blog here, with a nice Worldcon post here.

Find Fiona’s blog right here. Fiona actually sent me a nice email after the con, and reading through it was the thing that reminded me that I wanted to post links to these blogs. I went to check her blog, friend her, and only then did I notice something. There, the first post on the page, were HIS footprints. Again, he’s one step ahead! That nefarious nemesis himself….


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