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Words of Radiance among Audible’s Best of 2014 + Updates

It was a close call this year, but thanks to your voting, Words of Radiance is #1 in Listener Favorites and Fantasy on Audible’s Best of 2014. It’s a great way to follow up 2013’s Listener Favorites win with Steelheart. Thank you!

The Legion sequel, Legion: Skin Deep, was released a couple weeks ago (except for in the UK and associated territories). Go get it now in all formats.

Last week there were two Writing Excuses episodes, a little surprise for you who were wanting an extra dose. Both episodes were recorded at the Out of Excuses Workshop and Retreat in front of a live audience. The first one talked about how to effectively write for readers who are familiar with the genre or story structure in which we’re writing. The second one was a Q&A episode touching on the following questions:

  • Given the trend toward moral ambiguity, is there still a place for an unquestionably evil character?
  • Should you publish a first book that isn’t in the style or genre that you’re ultimately interested in?
  • Is it possible to write epic fantasy with a single POV?
  • Of all of the myriad talents of the literary agents you work with, what’s the one that makes you stick with your agent?
  • How do you maintain your writing chops when you’re buried in the research phase of a project?
  • What are some issues a short story writer should be aware of when tackling a novel?
  • How do you go about discovery writing characters?
  • When you build a story, does the foreshadowing go in during the first pass, or in later edits?

In’s continuing series of re-read posts for Words of Radiance, Carl Engle-Laird last week discussed chapter 20, where Shallan brought out the best in a ragtag group of misfits who just wanted to make right.

I sent a set of signed copies of The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance to Patrick Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders charity. Anyone who donates $10 or more to the Worldbuilders charity drive has the chance of winning the set or any of the other donated prizes. The drive ends next Monday.

Inside Flipboard did an interview with me on topics ranging from the Wheel of Time to advice for young writers.

The Twitter archive for December has been updated by my assistant Adam.

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