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Rather than posting an Annotation today, I’m going to just point you toward the Prologue to MISTBORN which I posted yesterday.

So, I’ve been sick lately. I actually don’t mind being sick; I don’t generally feel all that bad, and can just pretty much ignore it. Except for one thing: I sleep more. That piece of my brain that says “Hey! You have to get up and be productive!” gets quieted by a piece that says “Actually, you’ll be MORE productive if you stay in bed and sleep—that way you’ll heal faster!”

Giving me an excuse to stay in bed is always a bad idea.

Despite that, I’ve pretty much finished the ALCATRAZ INITIATED rewrite—hopefully the final draft before we sell it to a publisher. Joshua will begin selling this one as soon as I get a copy to him. Speaking of which, I got my contracts from Tor for MISTBORN 2 and 3 today, which means I’m gainfully employed for another couple of years.

Now if I can just get HERO of AGES finished, I’ll start feeling quite good about where I am in this process.

Today’s idea was one that occurred to me last night when I was reading a novel. (The BLUE SWORD, by Robin McKinley.) The winds blew across the main character from the north, and for some reason I started thinking about northwinds, southwinds, and the like and imagined the following. . . .

Story Idea of the Day: Write a story about someone who can speak with the winds. Each cardinal direction of winds, however, has a different personality, and delivers different kinds of information. For example, the northwind may be grumpy and focus on tragic events, while the southwind may be flighty and always talk about the weather.

I know the talking to winds thing has been done before. However, I’ve never seen this twist on it, with each wind having a distinct personality. It could be a very subtle magic system—information based, yet that information isn’t exactly reliable. (It depends on which way the wind happens to be blowing.) So, I think it could make for an interesting story. Personally, I’d go with eight different winds, and have them whisper to the person whether he/she wants them to or not!

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