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Whew! (Warbreaker + Annotations)

Just stayed up until 1:00 am trying to work through a little of my email backlog. Sorry it’s taking so long–I’m beat! This book tour is rather exhausting, which is strange, since all I do is drive around and talk to people. At least I get to stop back in Provo tomorrow so that I can see my wife.

Which reminds me, signing at the Provo Towne Centre Waldenbooks on Wednesday at 5:00! Come say hi to me, David Farland, and L.E. Modesitt Jr. Also, don’t forget Vegas on Thursday or Denver on Saturday. Times and things are on the front page of my website.

As a thank you in advance, here are two of the Annotations that I owe you.

Part Two Wrap Up

Chapter Sixteen: Part One

And, just because I know I’ll hear a lot of begging if I don’t get it up, here’s the next chapter of Warbreaker too:

Chapter Thirty Seven

Also, if you want it, here’s a complete download of part three:

Part Three: Chapters 26-37

If you are reading these, please take the time to post a link to the first page of the Warbreaker thread on any websites/blogs you may frequent. The more people we get reading, the better!

Link to the first page of the Warbreaker thread, with all the old chapters:

Link Here

One of the really exhausting things about all of this is that both Tor and Scholastic decided to pick the same month to ask me for a copy edit of my current books. I knew this was the danger in picking up a second publisher, but it means that I have A LOT of work to do, suddenly.

And, just so this isn’t all about me, if you haven’t been following Schlock Mercenary lately, you’re missing out. It’s been some of the best writing that Howard has done yet. Here’s a good place to start:

|   Castellano