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Wheel of Food + Annotation

New Annotation: Mistborn Chapter Twenty-Four Part Two

Okay, this just plain cool. Ever have trouble deciding where to go for lunch/dinner? I know we do. It seems every time you get more than two people together for a meal, you all lose any and all ability to make decisions, and you tend to mill around in circles, unable to figure out just what it is you want. Well, some enterprising person has worked out a web application that takes your zip code, looks up restaurants near to it, then puts them in a handy little spinable wheel ala Wheel of Fortune. You can grab it, spin it, and get a lunch suggestion. Brilliant!

So, today’s a holiday, I guess. The wife and I will be going to see Pursuit of Happiness–I’ll let you know what I think. It will be nice to get out and see a movie, though a part of me just wants to hide in my basement. Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t like people–I do. However, I’m accustomed to having eight or so hours a day on my own, to be alone and work on my writing projects. Weekends tend to be a little annoying to me, since I don’t get that time. And, since I was at LTUE (sf convention) Thursday and Friday, I’m feeling particularly alone-time-deprived lately. So, if I act like a hermit today, forgive me.

I’ll make it up to you by posting this comic. I haven’t linked White Ninja before because, well, it’s just so blasted strange that I think it might just confuse people. However, I couldn’t resist with this one. I think it’s hilarious. If you’re unfamiliar with White Ninja, it’s an absurdist comic. It’s not supposed to make much sense, nor is it supposed to have ‘good’ art. It’s just supposed to be strange.

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