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Weekly Update!

Adam here. As you can probably imagine, Brandon’s inbox is flooded daily with questions ranging from inquiries about his favorite color to asking how everything in the cosmere ends. For obvious reasons, Brandon can’t answer all of these.

What I am going to start doing is to create a weekly poll of questions—hopefully none of which will get an immediate RAFO—on Facebook so you get to help decide which question Brandon answers later that week. Some weeks you will see more than one poll—like this week—as I need to have several questions ready for the time that Brandon will be touring.

If you want to help decide what questions get answers, pay attention to Brandon’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as I will be announcing when the polls become active.

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Developing Your Own, Personal Style, Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard talk about your voice as a writer, your authorial style, and the aesthetics you employ, and how this is an expression unique to you. And with that definition out of the way, our discussion focuses around how we go about identifying, developing, and embracing our personal styles.

Last week, in’s continuing reread posts for Warbreaker, Vivenna was manipulated into approving Denth’s plans, thinking they would benefit Idris. This week, in chapters twenty, and twenty-one, Siri’s new nighttime routine is disrupted, and Vasher begins some manipulations of … SQUIRREL!

The Twitter post archive for February and March are up to date.

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