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Week Two Check In! (With annotations)

I’m heading into week two of my book tour, and thought I’d check in with the blog. Sorry again for the lack of updates during this period. During the days, I’ve been hitting bookstores and signing their shelf stock, then during the evenings Dave and I are doing official signings. I often don’t get in at night until rather late, and after a call to my wife, I’m pretty much ready to collapse in bed.

So far, things have been good. The booksellers, as always, are awesome. I’ve left signed books at each of the stores on the tour list, and so if you missed me in LA, Vegas, or San Diego, you can still go get a signed copy.

Wanted to post two annotations for you as well:

Well of Ascension Chapter Five
Well of Ascension Chapter Six

This tour is really leaving me beat, as you might have been able to guess from what I said up above. Part of me wonders if it’s even worth all the effort. Still, at every signing I’ve done, we’ve had a couple of dedicated fans show up. When I get to talk to them, it makes everything seem worthwhile. Also, I want to give a hearty thanks to everyone who has been giving support to Pemberly while I’m off gallivanting across the country.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. LimeBaby is due on November 2nd, and we really, really don’t want him to show up any earlier than that! Particularly, we’re hoping he doesn’t decide to come during the week this week, since this is when I’ll be so far away from Utah that it would be very hard to get back in time for the birth.

See you in Portland or Seattle, Northwest folks!

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