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Wedding! + World Fantasy

So, yes, the rumors are true. I’ll be getting married next week. So, congratulations to me!

My fiancée is a wonderful woman (and yes, she’s a fantasy reader) named Emily. Here’s a picture.

The reception is happening on Thursday the 6th at the Provo city library at Academy square. (550 North University Avenue Provo, UT 84601) The reception will be from 7–9pm, with a dance from 9–10. Feel free to drop by and congratulate us!

In other news, the deadline for World Fantasy Award nominations is approaching. Might I suggest that you consider Robert Jordan for the Life Achievement nomination?

It’s popular to speak ill of the man, since he’s been such a monolith in the field for so long, and because his series has stretched for such a long time. Yet, I know that many of us remember picking up that copy of EYE OF THE WORLD for the first time some fifteen years ago, and reading it with wonder.

He’s done a great deal to mainstream fantasy, and I think he is an excellent writer. As he might not be with us for too much longer, I feel that this would be an appropriate gesture.

Also, if you feel like nominating ELANTRIS, I wouldn’t complain!

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