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Warbreaker + Writer’s Commune

New Warbreaker Chapter: Chapter Fifty-Two

As I’ve mentioned, this book his sixty chapters (Actually, I think it has fifty-nine and an epilogue). That places us at about two months away. I started posting chapters of this book back in June of last year, I believe, and I posted the first few in rapid succession before falling into the one-a-week format. It’s somewhat interesting to follow my life via the things people have been reading in Warbreaker. When I posted those first chapters, I wasn’t yet married. I managed to keep it up through my book tour in November, and through the holidays. Now, we’re approaching the one-year mark. (We’ll probably post the last chapter in May, so it won’t quite be a year long process.)

It’s been very rewarding to post the book on-line. We’ll see how this impacts sales when the book actually comes out in stores, but for now, I’m very pleased with the feedback I’ve gotten and the community the book has created on my forums.

In other interesting news, my house has become something of a writer’s commune. A good friend of mine lost his job recently, and while looking for a new one, has been writing a book. His house is currently filled with children being baby-sat, so for the last few weeks, he’s come to my house to write on my spare computer in my basement. It’s a somewhat interesting experience–two solitary authors typing away furiously on different floors of my house.

Anyway, enjoy the Warbreaker chapter.

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