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Warbreaker + UPC

First off, new Warbreaker chapter is up! Chapter Thirty-Two.

In conjunction with this, I’ve finished the 2.0 draft of Part Two of the book. It’s up as well.

Want to know more about Warbreaker? Go read the first thirty-one chapters by starting here!

In other news, I polished off my speech for the UPC Science Fiction award. I’ll be flying to Barcelona, Spain to give the speech at the awards ceremony.

(No, not that UPC…)

It was an interesting process. As you know, I’m a fantasy writer, not a SF writer. Apparently, I’m the first fantasy author to ever be invited to give a speech at the awards. That’s a bit humbling. I hope that my remarks are meaningful. If you write SF, you might want to consider looking into the award–it’s a pretty big deal, and you can win with works written in English.

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