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Warbreaker + Survey

I’m a-posting Warbreaker nice and early this time, since I’m going to do a school visit tomorrow during lunch, and I know how rowdy the crowds get when I don’t get these up early enough. Wouldn’t want anyone to show up at my house with pitchforks and torches, only to find me not there and be forced to lynch my neighbor instead. Note that this is TWO chapters, since the second one is really, really short.

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-four and Forty-five

My brother/webmaster/pandaman Spriggan had developed a nice little survey for my website. I’d appreciate it if any of you wonderful readers would give it a look and a response. We’re doing a new version of my website, and have had complaints that certain features are hard to find. Now’s your time to voice your opinion. If you only read me via one of my mirror blogs–that’s you, LJ people–then go ahead and note that as well.

I’m through the 3.0 Warbreaker draft, which makes me happy. So, this is our first chapter posted in new, glossy, 3.0. What’s the difference? Mostly line edits in this draft. Draft one is the rough draft, draft two is the cohesion draft (where I fix big problems). Draft three is a line edit/cut where I trim 10-20% line by line and rework bad sentences. Draft for is where I start to do chapter-by-chapter smaller fixes. (Which is where most of your comments come in.) I should be posting a 2.0-3.0 comparison document on part one, like I did with 1.0 to 2.0. Also, I’ll soon post 3.0 versions of all of the previous chapters. Huzzah!

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