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Warbreaker + Ramblings

Wednesday Warbreaker: Chapter 27! (Assuming I linked it right this week….)

As always, find more chapters–and the discussion about this chapter–on my forums.

Also, this right here just totally cracked me up: ((Read the whole comic to get the full effect.)

In other news of note, I DON’T have a booksigning this weekend, despite what I reported earlier. That particular Borders actually closed down. (The entire mall is doing renovations.)

I do, however, have signings at the Gateway Barnes and Noble in Salt Lake (Saturday the 28th from 2-5), as well as at the Sandy Barnes and Noble (Friday the 27th from 7-9). If you can’t make those, don’t worry! I’ll be in Layton and back at West Jordan (With Dave Farland and L.E. Modesitt Jr.!) next month. Not to mention at BYU one more time.

Also, I will be going through California, Oregon, and Washington this December. Just keep that in mind. I’ll do an official post about that later.

And, for fun, random wedding picture!

I dare you to find someone else who has a photo from their reception that looks like that one!

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