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Warbreaker + Quote Board

To stop the angry mobs from beating down my door, here is this week’s Warbreaker: Chapter Forty-Seven

If you’re new, look here for a Warbreaker explanation.

I have decided something. We need a new feature on the bsblog. Usually, I use ‘Pemberly Moments’ to list strange things my wife has said, taken out of context. However, I’ve come to realize that ALL of us say things that would make great quotes when taken out of context. Why limit it to my wife? For instance, here’s a gem that Nethermore had to say yesterday:

“Who am I to complain about the Amazon Woman who loves me?”

Which I thought was kind of funny, until he said this one:

“If I were the kind of guy who liked to make out with girls, I still probably would have said no.”

Think about that one…. (I need a good name for this feature, where I post dumb stuff my friends have said. Any suggestions?)

Anyway, I did manage to make some progress on the Mistborn 3 edit yesterday, though I heard a rundown of Ms. Fish’s planned edits to her book, and they’re good. I’m not worried about EJS. His comment, upon realizing it was Tuesday, was “Oh, we could have started on that yesterday, couldn’t we?”

What’s left for today? Well, how about one final little note. The following is a picture advertisement that has been appearing on Livejournal, and my wife got a kick out of it. I’m sure the joke is intentional, but it still made us laugh.

Her comment: “Oh, so those are customizable now, are they?”

Of course they are. They’ve known that in California for years now….

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