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Warbreaker + Olives

Wednesday Warbreaker: Chapter Thirty

So, I had olives for lunch. I feel very…I don’t know. Greek? They eat olives over there a lot, don’t they?

We’re running into some fun with Mistborn 2. It appears that the author, yours truly, has gone and made it too long. Production is asking us to cut it down in order to save on costs. My editor is arguing that it doesn’t really need to get any shorter. However, it looks like I might need to draft this book again, which is a bit annoying, since we’ve finally got it where we want it. (Plus, 15k of that length came from additions that Moshe himself requested.)

In other news, this made me laugh. You might remember a picture, posted by me a few weeks ago, of myself pointing a banana at the camera in a threatening manner. Well, a reader emailed me and noted that they’d used it in a very special way….

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