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Warbreaker news!

We have a cover artist! While this could still change, it’s certain enough that I feel I can announce it. The artist, then, is one Dan Dos Santos. I asked for him by name because of his work on the Christopher Pike covers, which I like quite a bit. I enjoy Mr. Santos’ work with color and his skill with figures, and I think he’s a very good match for WARBREAKER as a novel. Check out his work, and let me know what you think either via lj or my forums!

Speaking of Warbreaker, I have a request for those of you who’ve read the book–and for those who haven’t. I’m wondering what your opinions are of the title. If you have time, take a moment to let me know what your expectations are/were for the book without reading it. Those who have read it, do you love/hate/not care about the title? My editor actually made this request.

As before, I’m still looking for stories from those of you who tried to find Mistborn 2 in bookstores and failed. With the success of the book, we want lots of ammunition to try and convince Barnes and Noble to order another round of copies.

|   Castellano