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Warbreaker + Maps

First off, Wednesday Warbreaker! This is chapter 25, for those keeping count, and marks the end of Part Two (at least philosophically. I don’t know if these divisions will remain in the book when it gets published.

So, to be helpful, I’ve collected all of Part Two together in a single download. As always, find older chapters–including Part One collected–either on my website or in the forums for Warbreaker.

In other news, I had a comment on my blog last week (thanks, Sudyn!) wishing to see the kinds of maps I draw up for my books, before an actual artist sees them. So, in the spirit of disclosure–and in the spirit of embarrassing myself–here’s the original Mistborn map!

A little rough, but not half as bad as the original Elantris map! (I’ll post that too, if I can ever find it…)

Anyway, in case you are curious, here’s what the brilliant Isaac Stewart did with this:

You can see the transformation, perhaps. I really like how this turned out. It has a different feel from typical fantasy maps, and in a good way. Thanks again, Isaac!

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