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Warbreaker + Links

First off, it’s time for Wednesday Warbreaker: Chapter One, html form. You may also be interested to note that I’ve reposted the MISTBORN sample chapters over into the Library. Soon, I should have all of the sample chapters there in a single place. Hopefully we can get the bugs in this system worked out soon so we can put a link to the Library on the front page.

Also, for those of you who have already read WARBREAKER and MISTBORN, don’t worry–I’ve got some things in the works for you as well. I have been digging through old files on my computer and have located–somewhat to my embarrassment–some early short stories that I wrote in high school. They’re terrible, of course, and I think one is even an unintentional Dragonlance Fanfic. If I get brave enough, I’ll post them in the Library once I’m done with the WoT Read Through posts.

Until then, a couple of fun links for you. First off, an interview I did for Amazon last week. Secondly, a funny comic. Finally, a New Annotation.

Remember, the Mistborn Hardcover sale ends Friday! Grab your signed books now before the price jumps up. Also, THE SHADOW RISING is really long! Wow. Great book, but LONG.

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