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Warbreaker + Idea

First off, let’s get to the important thing. It’s Wednesday, and I have a new chapter of Warbreaker for you.

And, because I’m feeling like it, let’s do a story prompt.

Idea of the Day: Write about a world–or a species of humans–where the female is the larger of the species. Optional Difficulty: No “Amazon Woman” style stories.

This idea comes courtesy of Pemberly, who mentioned it as a thought in passing. It struck me as interesting. There are lots of examples of species in our world where the female of the species is the larger one. I believe that Black Widows are a good example of this.

How would this affect a society? How would human being society be changed if the women were larger–perhaps the workers. And, by no Amazon Women, I mean resist the urge to simply turn the women into men with breasts.

Gulp. Nothing, Wonder Woman, ma’am.

Please don’t eat me.

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