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Warbreaker Full

All right, here we go! Warbreaker the complete novel.

Those of you who have been following along are aware of this project. For the rest of you, this is a complete novel I’ve been releasing chapter-by-chapter as an ebook. The novel will be out in print sometime in 2009, which means I’m probably releasing this WAY too early to be effective publicity for the the book itself.

Still, I loved the process of letting readers see draftwork as I wrote the novel. I intend to post full copies of the earlier version with comparisons that readers can use to see just what I changed. As I edit the draft for my editor and agent, I’ll post the new ones. Those who want to follow along can see what changes get made as a book approaches print form. Then, hopefully, they’ll buy the actual book when it comes out!

This is also, however, a thank-you for all of those who read my books and take the time to visit my website.

Now that it’s finished, I’d like to think about doing an html version that people can read, perhaps with annotations alongside or something like that. We’ll also likely be podcasting this thing in audio version once CtlZed gets done reading it.

If I could make a request. Those of you out there who do fan art, it would be very nice to have some illustrations to use alongside Warbreaker posts and the like. If you have an inclination toward doing such things, I’d be sure to put the art to good use.

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